How to Load an Ego Powerload String Trimmer

If you have an Ego Powerload string trimmer, you know that it’s a great tool for keeping your lawn looking neat and tidy. But what do you do when the string runs out? In this blog post, we’ll show you how to quickly and easily load a new string into your trimmer.

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In this guide, we will show you how to load an Ego Powerload string trimmer. This process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete.

First, you will need to gather the following materials:
-Ego Powerload String Trimmer
-Line spool

Once you have gathered all of the necessary materials, you will be ready to begin.

What You Need

-An Ego Powerload trimmer
-Ego 0.065 Twist-Lock trimmer line
-A cutting blade (if needed)

1. Open the spool cover by pressing down on the release tab and then pulling the cover off of the spool. If you are installing a new cutting blade, now is the time to do so.
2. Unwind about 2 feet of trimmer line from the spool and cut it off with a pair of scissors.
3. Thread one end of the trimmer line through the eyelet on the inside of the spool, then wind it around the spool in a clockwise direction until you reach the other side.
4. Cut another 2-foot length of trimmer line and thread it through the second eyelet, again winding it around the spool in a clockwise direction until you reach the first side.
5. Continue threading and winding the trimmer line around the spool until you have used up all of your line or there is no more room on the spool.
6. Close the spool cover by snapping it back into place.

Step One: Take the Cover Off

To load your line, you’ll need to take the cover off of your trimmer. There will be a knob on the top of the trimmer that you can unscrew to remove the cover. Once the cover is off, you should see a spool inside of the trimmer.

Step Two: Find the Spool

To load your Ego powerload string trimmer, you will first need to find the spool. The spool is located on the back of the trimmer, near the bottom. Once you have located the spool, you will need to remove it from the trimmer. To do this, simply press the release button on the spool and pull it away from the trimmer.

Step Three: Cut the Line

Use a good set of scissors to cut the line to the correct length. The line should be about as long as your forearm. Each time you need to replace the line, you will need to cut it to this length.

Cutting the line at an angle will give you a better cutting edge. Make sure that the line is not frayed before you put it in the trimmer.

Step Four: Take the Spool Out

To take the spool out, hold the trimmer vertically with the spool facing up. Locate the two notches on the side of the trimmer head. Place your thumb in one notch and your forefinger in the other. Push up on the spool until it pops out.

Step Five: Wrap the Line

Once you have your new line, it’s time to load it onto your trimmer. But before you can do that, you need to cut it to the appropriate length. Most manufacturers recommend cutting the line to about 18 inches, but you may need to adjust this based on the size of your trimmer head and the amount of line that can fit on it.

Once you have your line cut to size, it’s time to start wrapping it around the trimmer head. The specifics of this will vary depending on the type of trimmer head you have, but in general, you’ll want to start by threading the line through one of the holes in the head. Then, wrap it around the head a few times before threading it through another hole. Continue wrapping and threading until you’ve used up all of the line.

Assuming everything is wrapped correctly, all that’s left to do is tighten up the trimmer head so that the line is held securely in place. Once that’s done, your trimmer should be ready to go!

Step Six: Put the Spool Back In

Once you have the new line on the spool, you need to put the spool back into the trimmer. Make sure that the spool is correctly aligned in the trimmer before you try to put it back in. If it is not aligned correctly, it will not go in all the way and will not work correctly.

Step Seven: Put the Cover Back On

Now that you have your line all sorted out, put the cover back on the trimmer head. Make sure that the cover is locked in place by lining up the tabs on the cover with the slots on the trimmer head. If it’s not locked in place, your trimmer won’t work properly.


In conclusion, the steps to load an EGO POWERLOAD string trimmer are as follows: first, make sure the power head is turned off and the guard is in place. Second, remove the old line by unscrewing the spool cap and pulling the line out. Third, cut a length of new line that is about three feet long, and thread it through the eyelet on the spool. Fourth, wind the new line around the spool in a clockwise direction until there is about six inches of line left. Fifth, screw the spool cap back on, and replace any covers that were removed. Finally, turn on the power head and test the trimmer by holding down the trigger.

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