How to Trim Holly Bushes with a Hedge Trimmer

Looking to tidy up your holly bushes this season? Here’s a quick and easy guide on how to trim holly bushes with a hedge trimmer.

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Before trimming holly bushes with a hedge trimmer, it is important to understand the plant and its needs. Holly bushes are a type of evergreen shrub that can range in size from 2 to 15 feet tall. They are typically found in temperate climates and prefer full sun to partial shade. Holly bushes are known for their glossy green leaves and red berries.

Put on gloves

Before you start trimming your holly bushes, it’s important to put on a good pair of gloves. This will protect your hands from the sharp thorns on the holly bushes.

Next, you’ll need to gather your tools. You’ll need a hedge trimmer and a ladder. If the holly bushes are taller than you are, you’ll need to use the ladder to reach the top of the bush.

Once you have your gloves and tools, you’re ready to start trimming! Begin by trimming off any dead or dying branches. These can be easily identified by their dry, brown appearance. Once you’ve removed all of the dead branches, move on to trimming the live branches.

Trim the live branches back so that they are about 6-8 inches shorter than they were before. This will help promote new growth and keep your holly bushes healthy. When trimming, be sure to make clean cuts at a 45-degree angle.

Finally, once you’ve finished trimming all of the branches, remove any leaves or other debris that may have been left behind. This will help prevent disease and pests from taking up residence in your holly bushes.

And that’s it! With a little bit of time and effort, you can easily keep your holly bushes looking neat and tidy all year long!

Fill the gas tank

In order to fill the gas tank, you will need a gas can and gasoline. The first step is to remove the gas cap from the hedge trimmer. Next, pour the gasoline into the gas tank. Be sure not to overfill the tank. Once you have poured the desired amount of gasoline into the tank, put the gas cap back on.

Check the oil

Before starting the trimmer, it’s important to check the oil level. Most hedge trimmers have a transparent plastic oil tank that makes it easy to see how much oil is inside. If the oil is low, add more until it reaches the “full” line. If the trimmer has been stored for a long period of time, it’s also a good idea to change the oil completely.


Holly bushes can be a beautiful addition to your landscaping, but they can also be a lot of work to keep up with. If you have holly bushes that are starting to get out of control, you may be wondering how to trim them. Trimming holly bushes is actually pretty simple, and you can do it with a hedge trimmer. In this article, we’ll show you how to trim holly bushes with a hedge trimmer.

Start with the longest branches

Start with the longest branches, angling the trimmer so that you make a clean, even cut across the branch. If the branch is too thick for the trimmer blade, use a pruning saw to remove it.

Next, move to the shorter branches, angling the trimmer so that you make a clean, even cut.

Finally, use the trimmer to remove any leaves or small branches that are remaining.

Angle the trimmer

To get a nice, clean cut on your holly bushes, you’ll need to angle the trimmer blade at about 45 degrees. This will ensure that you’re cutting cleanly through the stem without damaging the main bush.

Move from top to bottom

When trimming holly bushes with a hedge trimmer, it is important to move from the top of the bush to the bottom. This will ensure that all of the leaves are trimmed evenly and that no leaves are missed.

Clean Up

The holly bushes in your front yard may be overgrown and in need of trimming. You can use a hedge trimmer to trim the holly bushes and make them look neat and tidy. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to trim holly bushes with a hedge trimmer.

Dispose of the branches

After you have trimmed your holly bushes, you will need to dispose of the branches. The easiest way to do this is to use a hedge trimmer with a built-in branch disposal system. This will allow you to quickly and easily dispose of the branches without having to haul them away yourself.

If you do not have a hedge trimmer with a branch disposal system, you can still dispose of the branches on your own. The best way to do this is to use a pruning saw or loppers to cut the branches into smaller pieces that will be easier to handle. Once the branches are cut into smaller pieces, you can either bag them up for trash pickup or compost them.

Clean the trimmer

If you’re using an electric hedge trimmer, wipe it down with a clean cloth after every few cuts. This will remove any dirt or debris that could clog the blades and cause them to work less efficiently. For gas-powered trimmers, run a brush or cloth along the blades after each use to remove any built-up debris.

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