How to Wind a Milwaukee String Trimmer

Learn how to wind a Milwaukee string trimmer with these easy steps. You’ll be back to trimming your lawn in no time!

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Open the spool access door.

To begin, open the spool access door to reveal the inner workings of the trimmer. You should see a spool of string with a spinning knob in the center.

Insert the line into the spool.

1.Grasp the free end of the string and insert it through the holes in the spool until it emerges from the slot in the side of the spool. If you are holding the string taut, the line should feed smoothly into the spool.

2.Wrap the string around the spool in a clockwise direction until you have made seven or eight turns around the spool. The number of turns will depend on how much line is required for your trimmer.

3.Cut the string with a pair of scissors, leaving a 3-inch tail. Feed the tail through one of the holes in the side of the spool so that it emerges from the hole on top of one of your wraps. This will keep the string from unwinding.

Pull the line through the spool.

To wind the line, first pull it through the spool so that there is an equal amount of line on each side. For example, if you are winding 20 feet of line, make sure that there is 10 feet on each side. Next, use your thumb and forefinger to hold the line in place while you wind it around the spool in a clockwise direction. Once you have reached the end of the line, tie it off with a double knot and trim any excess line.

Close the spool access door.

To keep the line from tangling, you’ll need to wind it around the spool in a specific way. The method is the same for all string trimmers, but there are a few little tips that will make the job easier. With the spool access door closed, hold the spool so that the line is coming off the top. Wrap the line around the spool two or three times, then feed the end of the line through the hole in the center of the spool.

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